Sanmu SM828

Sanmu SM828 (Standard Epoxy Resin)

Sanmu SM828 is a liquid type standard Epoxy Resin derived from Bisphenol-A. It has excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, heat resistance, etc. Due to its special properties, SM828 is generally used in many fields. SM828is the most standard liquid resin for general use.



Test Term                                                  Result


EEW(g/eq)                                                 184-190


Viscosity(cps at 25°C)                                11,500-13,500


Hy-Cl(wt.%)                                                 0.05 max.


Specific Gravity*1(20°C)                             1.17


Color(G)                                                      0.5 max.




Sanmu SM828 is cured together with the various hardeners (Polyamide resin, Aromatic Polyamine, Aliphatic Polyamine and Anhydride Compound). Depending on diluents and other additives, different physical properties after curing can be obtained. Generally, Sanmu SM828, clear liquid form of the standard Epoxy Resins is widely used in many fields such as:


1. Paints :

Electrodeposition coating, Ambient curing coating, Clear coating, Anti-corrosion coating

2. Electrical and Electronic fields :

Casting, Dipping, Encapsulation, Laminates, Condenser and Resistor coating

3. Civil Construction and Buildings :

Cementing concrete structure, Water proof, Anti-corrosion road pavement, Repair bond for joint, Grouting material.

4. Adhesive :

Metal, Glass, Wood, and Stone adhesives.

5. Filament winding, Glass fiber reinforcement resin.

6. Stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride.


Packaging : 235 kg./Drum


Storage : One-year minimum when stored under normal conditions. Containers should be kept tightly closed. Protect from freezing. Content should be stirred using mechanical agitation prior to use.








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