Sanmu SM-X75 is recommend to be used for manufacture of high performance two component coating materials such as anti-corrosion primers, baking coatings, lacquers, paints for heating oil tanks, impregnation of concrete, treatment of wood and metal surfaces.


Packaging : 220 kg./Drum


Storage : One-year minimum when stored under normal conditions. Containers should be kept tightly closed. Protect from freezing. Content should be stirred using mechanical agitation prior to use.

Paint, Waterproof & Fireproof

Flooring, Joint 
& Road

& Tools

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Sanmu SM-X75

& Mortar

Plastic & Rubber


& Rubber

Sanmu SM-X75 is a solution flow molecular weight epoxy resin xylene.


Test Term                                                        Result


EEW(g/eq)                                                       445 - 500


Viscosity(cps at 25°C)                                     7,500 -13,500


Non Volatile (wt.%)                                           74.0 – 76.0


Color(G)                                                           1 max.

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