Cemflow 80P (Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate)


Cemflow 80P is a sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid, which is used as a highly effective water soluble superplasticizer for concrete.



Cemflow 80P possesses a powerful water reducing and dispersing ability, whereby high strength, flowing and self leveling concrete can be produced.  Cemflow 80P  improves flow properties of concrete by dispersing cement particles and preventing floc formation.


The exact dosage of Cemflow 80P in each mix design would depend upon the ultimate application requirements and may have to be arrived at by actual site trials.  However, incorporation of Naphthalene Powder is used to achieve the following concrete characteristics.


   Improved workability (by maintaining same water cement ratio)

   Higher early and ultimate compressive strength by lowering water cement ratio

   Upto 30% water reduction can be achieved by using optimum dosage of Cemflow 80P

   Flowing and Self leveling concrete

   Strong plasticizing effect without any tendency to segregation

   Very high strength





Field trials should be conducted to determine optimum dosage for particular application.  Generally 0.2 to 1 of Cemflow 80P is used based on weight of cement.


Mixing :


It is preferable to add the reconstituted solution of Cemflow 80P at the end of mixing cycle.


Compatibility with other admixtures


Cemflow 80P can be used together with other concrete admixtures such as retarders, accelerators and air entrainers. It is compatible with most of the known brands, but we recommend to carryout compatibility test under local conditions before using. The different admixtures should not be premixed but added separately to concrete.


Chloride Content.


Cemflow 80P is practically chloride free and so it does not pose any corrosion hazards to steel reinforcement.


Safety and Handling Precautions


Cemflow 80P is an alkaline material. It may cause irritation to eyes and skin on direct and prolonged contact. Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water before meals and at the end of the working day. Do not take internally.  Use Safety gloves, goggles and lab coat.


Packaging  and Storage


Cemflow 80P is supplied in 25 kgs, 600 kg. It is recommended to store Cemflow 80P at around 25-35 °C in original packing protected from direct sunlight. When stored under recommended conditions the shelf life would not be less than 1 year.



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